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Coffee cup and Tarot reading for what’s coming your way love, money, work, family

You need to mention

- your name

- date of birth

- your email

- marital status ( married/ single/divorced etc)

# will read your coffee cup and get more insight about what is coming your way and what you need to know about your ner future and what could be hidden from you by the Tarot

#The reading will be a recorded video and hidden on my private YouTube Chanel, no one can see the video other than me, you will be able to reach the video through the link I will send to your email.

#you will receive your reading after 15 days of payment

# i will make the coffee myself and put the intention on your name so you do not need to send me anything

#this reading will give you the future predications for love, money,career,family, depends on what’s your cup will show and what is the message you will need to hear.

you can not add any questions in the description section as this a geneal coffee cup reading

Good luck and hope you enjoy it 💖

Coffee cup and Tarot reading/ what’s coming your way/

  • Recorded video, the link will be sent to your email after 15 days of purchases

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